Thursday, December 14, 2017

Trust me, no-one can see...

Note: this is a complete work of fiction, it never happened. 
I wrote it for the Wicked Wednesday meme but missed the deadline...

On the one hand my wife is no sexual prude but on the other hand she can still be quite shy. Well, maybe not so much shy as... she has limits. Those limits were tested recently when we took a package 'all inclusive' vacation to Thailand. It was a cheap deal because the resort was new and construction delays meant they were opening in 'monsoon season'.

None of which mattered to us because we hadn't googled any of that and didn't know. All we wanted was hot sun and a cold pool. Which we got, in spades.

Our resort was 'only' 90 minutes from Bangkok but effectively miles away from anywhere since the heat was so intense you just wanted to lounge by the pool all day and do nothing. Nothing, except sip umbrella cocktails that were so cheap it was almost a crime not to drink them.  One has to remain hydrated in hot climates, remember!

Suffice to say as the sun started to go down after our first day we were both quite drunk and ready for bed. We were both feeling very relaxed, not just from the alcohol but from the $10 beach massages we had at twilight, before returning to our room. Not only did you get a full one hour whole body massage, you also got a cheap thrill when they ran their fingers all the way up your inner thigh and tickled your testicles as they rubbed your groin vigorously.

Well, I did. My wife insisted they didn't go that high with her, and asked if I'd tipped them extra.

"Perish the thought," I said "that would make them cheap prostitutes! Please don't sully the fine reputation of the renowned Thai Massage"

"Ha!" scoffed my wife, "I'm sure if you asked for the Bangkok Special they'd find someone who could accommodate you..."

"Don't get jealous" I said to my wife, as I wrapped my arms around her "you know the only touch I crave is yours"

My wife said nothing. We'd gravitated to the balcony by this stage and were staring out at the night sky. We were on the 24th floor and the view was spectacular. There was nothing around us, all you could see was the starry sky and the lights twinkling on the horizon - either fishing boats or another seaside town. The resort was effectively candle lit at night and looked very romantic.

I leaned down and kissed my wife softly on the neck. She shivered with delight and snuggled back into me. Suitably emboldened I bit her neck and brought my hands up to squeeze her breasts. Her tits felt full and heavy in my hands, still hot from the days sun. She moaned as I caressed her, reaching a hand back behind her to tousle my hair.

"Horny are you" she asked rhetorically, as she pressed her butt back against my crotch. I was already firm but now I was hard. I said nothing as she proceeded to rub her bikinied butt cheeks against my cock. It was like she was giving me a vertical lap dance, her ass shimmied and shook against my crotch, turning my dick into concrete.

I reached down and placed my hand against her vulva, pulling her in even closer, and forcing my erection deep between the cleft of her butt cheeks. Her bikini bottoms were so flimsy she may as well have been naked - they were no match for my raging hard on.

My hand was hard on her cunt now, pulling her in tightly so I could work her clit through the camel toe my fingers had created as she ground her ass into my dick. I manhandled her roughly - one massaging her pussy as the other fondled her tit, brusquely toying with her stiffening nipple. She was hard now, just like me, and just as horny.

"Let's go in and you can fuck me on that bed with eight pillows" she whispered lustily into my ear as she twisted her whole body around to face me. Writhed and twisted, to be precise. 

"Why go inside, when we can do it right here on the balcony?" I replied, grabbing her butt cheeks with both hands and pulling her in tightly. With just a bit of added pelvic thrust to hammer my point home.

"Someone might see us!" my wife said, mortified "wouldn't you like to christen that big hotel bed with the Egyptian cotton sheets?"

"Firstly, this is Thailand and they have their own Royal standard linen here" I responded, as my hands slowly pulled her bikini bottoms down over her beautiful butt. "And secondly, I want to bend you over the balcony balustrade and make you see a few stars of my own as you enjoy that glorious moonlight view"

"While I fuck you from behind" I continued, in case I wasn't clear.

"Someone might see us!" repeated my wife, as she turned around to look out from the balcony. The view of the moonlit waves as they crashed into the shore on the beach below was indeed spectacular, but nothing compared to the sight of my wife's bikini bottoms pulled down to just below her butt cheeks. Her exposed ass looked so sexy in the moonlight I just had to smack it - so I did.

"Stop it!" shrieked my wife, "someone might hear!" The latter was said as a whisper, as she realised it was she who would be the one to alert any neighbors as to what was happening on the balcony of Room 2407.

I dropped down to the deck and pulled her bikini bottoms down completely. With her ass at eye level I grabbed both of her hips and pressed my face forward. I attempted to 'motorboat' her but quickly learned that only works on cleavage. My wife helpfully leaned down, bending herself right over the balcony so that her ass was pushed higher and I could see her pussy.

Lest I not get the hint, she spread her feet apart a little further, giving me full access to her now glistening cunt. Not only was she wet, but I could smell her arousal. Thailand is a land of many fragrances, but none as glorious as my wife's ripe pussy. I leaned in tongue first, slicing my way past her engorged labia and zeroing in on the clit.

Her back arched and she gasped, before pushing down on my face, signalling she wanted more. She reached back with one hand and grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in deeper. This had the effect of pushing my nose right into her ass, which I'm sure was no accident, but it was the price I willingly paid to get my tongue into her wet slit so I could sup the nectar of the gods.

And sup I did. My tongue swirled around her pussy, lapping at her folds, as I drank her in. As my tongue darted all over her I was joined in my ministrations by her fingers, which she used to massage her clit as I licked her wet sloppy cunt. She was highly aroused and moaning softly as she brought herself closer to orgasm. I pulled my head back and ran my tongue down her wet slit and back up her asscrack.

That got her attention! She moaned loudly and kinda sank down a little, pushing her ass back into my mouth. My pointed tongue swirled around her puckered starfish, before darting into it's core. It tasted tart, a little bitter perhaps, not sweet like her pussy. I wet my tongue with my mouth and then ran my flattened tongue up and down her crack once more, before homing in on her sphincter which I picked and prodded.

She must have enjoyed the spontaneous rimjob (She'd done me before, but I've never reciprocated - until now) because she started groaning. "Oh god, oh god" she repeated, as she frigged her clit furiously. The orgasm was near, because she started slapping her cunt with her open hand, completely unabashed as the loud clapping sound reverberated in the crisp night air.

"Oh.god... I'm.come...ingggg!" she hissed through gritted teeth. I grabbed her hips tightly and drove my tongue deep into her ass as she climaxed, feeling her pulse and spasm as she did so. 'Gaaahh!" she cried out, gripping her cunt tightly and wresting the last ounce of pleasure from within her depths.

Where moments before she had been using the balcony balustrade as a brace to push against while I rimmed her as she fingered herself, now it was a prop to hold herself up as she slumped down exhausted. I could feel her legs trembling as I stood up, and a better man would have picked her up and carried her to bed, but tonight I was not that man.

Tonight I wanted to howl at the moon while I fucked my wife on the balcony, and I didn't care who was watching.

But my wife did.

"You can't be serious?" she whispered, as I undid the drawstring on my board shorts and let them drop to the floor. "Anyone can see us if they're looking this way, let's go inside"

"That didn't seem to bother you a few minutes ago, when you were getting yours" I said, "now drop down and suck my cock. Make it good 'n wet before I slid it into that tight bald pussy of yours...."

"But someone might see us!" she argued, redundantly. She was already stooping to her knees.

"Trust me, no-one can see..." I reassured her loudly, just as I spotted a shadowy figure emerge silently from the darkness of the neighboring apartment's balcony.

continued in Part 2, coming soon...

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

TMI Tuesday: December 12, 2017 ~ Roll With It!

@CarrieLeChance ©
1. With whom would you like to take a bath?

~ I suspect a bubble bath with May More would be rather wonderful. She seems to know how to take care of her man just right. And he her, which means my tub time will be solo! Maybe in a parallel universe...

2. You are, on a motorcycle, riding hard down a country road, wind in your hair. Who is the hottie on the bike with you? Are you riding or driving?

~ I'm driving of course! Duh! And I'd by driving with Atiya, taking her to meet her man since she's stuck in a long distance relationship and doesn't see him often enough. Of course, in a parallel universe I'd be giving her a long hard ride...

@DollhousePhotographyUK © 
3. Come sail away, come sail away, come and sail away with me! Who is joining you for a sexy sea adventure?

~ I don't know if she gets seasick like me, but Sweetendirty has a pretty awesome bucket list so I know the journey would never be boring. Maybe we'd just leave the yacht tied up...

4. Baking naked – who is kneading your dough?

~ I've always had a thing for Rachael Ray, she could bake my bread any day she likes. I have a photo of her in rubber that she did a few years back for a magazine (Details?) but I can't find it now. When I do I'll publish it!

5. “I got your back.” Hands down who do you fully support, stick by no matter what, Who are you willing to help at all costs?

~ My daughter, of course. And my wife, unless she cheats on me. Both relationships are fraught however. One is a troubled teen and the other is a woman child.

@CarrieLeChance © subbing in for Rachael
Bonus: Belly button – inny or outty? Are you going to show us?

~ Inny. No, even though it looks good.

Double Bonus: Well, not so much a 'bonus' as a 'qualifier'. I saw this Tweet the other day and it gave me pause - enough to make a screenshot. 'Dangerous Lily' has what I'd label a 'sex blog' (and I label my own a sex blog too) but she says that doesn't give people license to make 'risque' and/or inappropriate comments.

I understand her feelings, but I wonder if we as sex bloggers can/should expect that we are going to receive some of this attention? It's hard to answer that question properly since I'm not privy to the actual behaviour Lily is having to deal with from the blogosphere (or Twitterverse?) and my answer would be colored by my gender privilege.

As a white male I just chuckle when dipshit men message me on Instagram to tell me what hot pics I post and how they'd love to fuck me. They clearly haven't read my IG profile where I state that I am a man, not a woman, and that I'm not interested in hooking up. I just shake my head and laugh at them.

Because I don't feel threatened.

I can imagine it's a lot different for women, having to endure an endless commentary from numbskulls telling you you're 'hawt' and to 'send nudes'. And if you've ever mentioned any 'kink' they can get very explicit about a number of unpleasant ways they'd like to fuck you.

So with Lily's tweet in mind I have to apologise in advance to any of the women I've linked to in today's blog post who may be offended. I don't know any of them personally, I haven't met any of them, and my comments are said in good humor (that is my intent) so I hope you'll accept them as such. 

But yes, there is a feminist argument that says I shouldn't have pulled them into my blog without getting their consent first. Women are not there to be our playthings...

How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Monday, December 11, 2017

An early Xmas present.

This is the text exchange I had with my wife on Sunday afternoon. It happened because we hadn't had sex for a very long time and I was sick of it. So I started reading dirty stories online, on my iPhone, and masturbating while I did it. It wasn't long before I was ready to cum, but I held off. It wasn't too much longer before it became apparent I couldn't 'edge' any longer so I had a decision to make...

Do I cum now, solo, or give her the opportunity to be involved? It was risky, but I decided to give her the option. My texts were quite direct, there was no time for flirting (I was ready to cum!) so we weren't 'sexting':

She didn't reply because she was rushing up the stairs. I'd heard her laugh first, when she read it, but she wasted no time in coming upstairs to see if I was serious.

I was.

She walked into the bedroom and there I was, naked on the bed and reading porn on my phone. Jacking my cock.

"Omigod!" she exclaimed, with a big grin on her face.

It was genuine, she was both stunned and excited to see me like that. She walked straight over to the bed and grabbed my balls, giving me a gentle squeeze.

With her other hand she took my cock from me and bent down, taking it in her mouth. She slurped quickly up and down, testing to see how hard I was.

I was rock hard.

I was ready to pop.

She started blowing me properly then, as I continued to read the dirty story on my phone. I wanted her to know I was angry with her (we'd fought the day before) and that she was there to service my needs. I expected her to react (negatively) to me reading porn while she sucked my cock, but she said nothing.

Which was good, because another fantasy I have is to have her blow me under the desk in our home office while I look at a porn video online. With the audio up.

I started moaning and I warned her I was about to cum.

She got up quickly, stripped off her dress in one movement, and then climbed back on the bed to straddle me. She mounted me backwards, in the reverse cowgirl position. I groaned as she sank slowly down on my cock - she felt so tight!

"I thought you were having your period?" I ventured.

"It finished yesterday" she replied, as she started bouncing on my dick.

"You're so tight" I said "do you want my legs in or out?"

My wife prefers me to stretch my legs outside of hers when she rides me reverse cowgirl, rather than straddling my legs as she was now. She didn't reply, but instead rose up and 'dismounted'. I thought she was changing position but ... well, I guess she was. She swung herself around and positioned herself between my legs and then bent down and started sucking my cock again.

This was amazing, because my wife was swallowing her own juices from my cock, something she's done only once before as I recall. And I recall it very well since I find it very debauched - and arousing! My wife was very wet when she climbed on top of me so she must have tasted good to herself.

My wife was bobbing up and down on my dick with her mouth, hard, and alternating with some hand work. And she was tonguing my balls. She licked her fingers, wetting them immensely, and started fingering around my balls and asshole. It felt really good, and she did it just right this time ie not invasive.

She was jerking me off in earnest now, one hand working the cock and the other my balls and asshole. Once again I was close to cumming. So close I had to put down my phone. She was like a demon possessed and keen to swallow me whole. I know I had started this all by asking if she wanted me to cum in her mouth, but now I had a different idea.

I pushed her off me and then jostled her into the doggy position, up on all fours, at the edge of the bed. I stood up behind her and pulled her hips back as I thrust forward. I sliced into her like a hot knife through butter, she was that wet. I pounded her good and hard and she grunted with every thrust. My cock was ready but I couldn't get the angle right for me. I was up on tip toes and I could feel the back of my legs cramping.

I pulled out and manhandled  her down the corner of the bed, pushing her down flat on her stomach so that she was spreadeagled with her legs straddling two sides of the corner. I pulled her buttcheeks apart and speared her pussy with my stiff fat prick. She loved it, she was wet AF. I started pounding her from above, holding her hips down on the bed, leaving her unable to move.

I started pulling all the way out and then pushing back all the way in, before once again withdrawing all the way out. I made my strokes slower and steadier now and she was loving it. I could feel her getting tighter so I started slicing in and out of her wet slit faster and faster...

Her asshole was winking at me, her little starfish screaming "come inside, it's warm and wonderful in here!"

So I pulled my dick out and repositioned it at her crinkled hole. My cock was still very wet from her juices so I figured it would be fine, but as soon I started pushing the head in (slowly!) my wife said "what are you doing?" She wasn't admonishing, she was just making me say it.

"I'm gonna cum in your ass"

"Okay, hang on a minute..." and then she jumped up and ran to the bathroom. She came back with some hand lotion, which she smeared liberally over the head and shaft of my penis, before reaching back to lube her own asscrack. Then she jumped back down on the bed and resumed her position. I would have preferred if she'd lubed her asshole up while she was lying down in front of me but given how far we've come (ie she's agreeing to anal now) I figured now was not the time to mention it.

I positioned the head of my cock at her asshole and slowly pushed forward. Real slow. There was no resistance and once I had the head in I waited a moment or three before pushing forward again. My wife had her hand underneath her and was frigging her clit furiously. I gripped her butt and started slowly thrusting in and out of my wife's arse. Like it was a pussy.

Soon I was pounding in and out of her like a sailor on shore leave, and my wife was starting to grunt. She was still fingering her clit madly underneath me so I reached forward and slipped my hand under her breast. Gripping one tit with one hand (it felt large and full, a side effect from her period) and gripping her opposite butt cheek with my other hand I started fucking her ass like it was a wet sloppy cunt.

I wouldn't say I was rough but I could feel myself getting quite savage - and slipping sideways as I dicked her asshole relentlessly! I pulled out to straighten up, at which point my wife quickly jumped up and rolled over. Repositioning herself on her back she pulled her knees up and spread her legs.

She reached down with both hands and started fingering her clit and her pussy lips. Her eyes were half lidded as she looked up at me lustily and spread her lips wide, showing me everything she had. Just like a centrefold.

"I squirted before" she said, with a sly smile on her face "now it's your turn, cum for me"

My mind was reeling. She'd squirted? Wow, this was only the second time that I knew of that she'd done that, and the last time was 5 years ago. While we were on vacation. Like we were now. Is that the secret to squirting - going on vacation, where you can relax and feel free to squirt on someone else's bed?

Wake up Nero! It's time to cum - you can analyze this later!!

I started jerking my cock as my wife fingered her clit and played with her pussy lips. She was doing it for herself, not a show for me, so I gave her one of my own. I pressed my balls hard up against her sopping wet pussyhole and jacked my dick hard. Her cunt felt really hot, and really good on my balls. I was ready to cum alright!

"I'm gonna cum now" I said.

I grabbed my wife's ankles and pulled her legs up higher. At the same time I dropped the head of my cock to her asshole and pushed forward gently. I held her ankles wide, in a 'V', as I pumped in out of her tight asshole. And came.

It was like an explosion in my brain. I dropped my hands, grabbed her hips and thighs, and fucked her hard in the ass - pumping her back passage full of my jism. I grunted, groaned, and moaned as it all came flooding out of me. And then watched as it all came flooding out of her again when I pulled out.

It was just like a porn movie - there was a torrent of white sticky cum dribbling out of her asshole and running all the way down her asscrack to a pool on the mattress. My wife was still fingering herself and was too caught up to notice... until she wasn't. She suddenly jumped up and raced to the bathroom.

She came back a minute or so later, with a warm wet flannel which she used to wrap around my dick. She had the same broad grin on her face that she'd had when she'd first raced up the stairs and into the bedroom after receiving my text. She looked like a woman who had been royally fucked and had enjoyed it thoroughly.

"When did you squirt?" I asked. I knew she'd been very wet during the sex but didn't know when she'd cum specifically.

"When you had me pushed face down on the corner of the bed and were fucking me hard" she grinned, like the cat who got the cream. And then she jumped up and ran back to the bathroom for a shower.

As I type this now I realise I still don't know which hole I was fucking when she squirted...


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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Replay: The Xmas Sex Story – Part 1

This image has been inserted here so Facebook don't publish the one below - but it's also a reminder that Xmas is two weeks away!

Today's post is an excerpt from one originally posted on Jan 13, 2014. You can read the full story here.
She started to breathe heavier and I started talking dirty to her. It was kind of a story and kind of not. She started squirming, her eyes closed, and I told her how big and stiff my cock was and she looked up and bit her lip. I told her how much cum was boiling away in my big.fat.tight.balls and what a sticky mess I was going to make of myself. I told her what a dirty girl she was and how I may not be able to hold on much longer. How I may not be able to keep my promise not to touch her and that I might just roll her over on her stomach while I slid my cock, now sticky with pre cum, up and down her ass crack. I said I might just grind down hard on her ass while she fingered her own slippery.wet.cunt, and I probably would try to slip my cock in her ass. 
She was moaning now and I told her what a dirty dirty girl she was, with all those slick fingers in her wet soaking pussy. I said I had a good mind to take some photos of her sopping wet pussy and post them on the Internet for others to rate. I said I bet lots of guys would probably love those pics and want to lick it. I said I was pretty sure there were plenty of women too who would love her pussy and want to do the same… 
She came quickly, clasping her pussy with one full hand and thrusting her hips forward, holding it there… until her orgasm subsided. Then she jumped between my legs and started sucking my balls as I continued fisting my cock. My balls were pulled tight and my dick was throbbing. She knew it and...

This is the original post pic - I should be so lucky if Santa sent this down my Chimney!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

#SoSS ~ Apparently I’ve been ‘shadow banned’ on Twitter...

via Instagram

Apparently I’ve been ‘shadow banned’ on Twitter (google it) for cross posting all these Instagram posts. And using banned hashtags like #butt #babe and #sexylingerie

Friday, December 8, 2017

OPP: Apology

This is not one of my old posts, but one by Pervertically Virtuous (scroll to bottom for more info)

Pervertically Virtuous posted: "I'm sorry for the long silence. (Re)Configuring my new life after becoming a PhD has taken too much of my time and mental energy. I'm now leaving for a trip to Central America so my absence will continue through the beginning of January 2014. But I will b"

recovered post on Pervertically Virtuous


by Pervertically Virtuous
I'm sorry for the long silence. (Re)Configuring my new life after becoming a PhD has taken too much of my time and mental energy. I'm now leaving for a trip to Central America so my absence will continue through the beginning of January 2014. But I will be back. That's a promise.
Pervertically Virtuous | December 8, 2013 at 4:55 pm | URL:

Photo added by Nero - not in original post
In the process of recovering my own old posts via email I discovered some of P.V.'s. Like me, her old accounts have been terminated, and she seems to have disappeared from the internet. This is a damn shame since I consider her one of the best sex bloggers I've ever had the chance to read and follow. I'm reposting her old posts as a historical archive, and if she ever returns to blogging I'm happy to hand them back to her.
To be clear: the copyright on this work is hers, and remains with her - I didn't write it and I make no claim to it.

Trust me, no-one can see...