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OPP: Car Sex in Chicago

This is not one of my old posts, but one by Pervertically Virtuous. (Scroll to bottom for more)
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Pervertically Virtuous posted: "I met Nico on AdultFriendFinder many years ago, when I first moved to the U.S. and was having trouble feeding my insatiable appetite for hot men in Unitown on offline attempts alone. Nico was a last year law student, in great shape, cute, easy going, resp"

recovered post on Pervertically Virtuous

Car Sex in Chicago

by Pervertically Virtuous

I met Nico on AdultFriendFinder many years ago, when I first moved to the U.S. and was having trouble feeding my insatiable appetite for hot men in Unitown on offline attempts alone. Nico was a last year law student, in great shape, cute, easy going, respectful. We had many fun encounters before he moved away, and remained friends ever since.
When I realized I had to go to Chicago for work this summer, where Nico currently lives, I emailed him to see if I could stay with him. He said I could, but he lived in the 'burbs, far away from where I needed to be for work. Instead, he arranged for me to stay with his colleague (a young, but straight-laced woman) close to downtown.
It's always interesting meeting old fuck buddies years later. I don't know if I'm still going to find them attractive, if their relationship situations have changed so that hooking up is not an option, if they are willing to cheat on their partners, if they are expecting to hook up or not. Nico was no exception.
We went out to dinner my first day there and chatted for hours. There was still something devilishly boyish in his demeanor, but he talked about living a settled life in the suburbs, working as a corporate lawyer, living with a woman who "didn't like to come into the city". He didn't sound crazy about her, yet thought she was the one and was going to marry her - because they knew each other well and she "tolerated" him. They didn't have an open relationship - they tried, but she couldn't quite handle it. So he had cheated in the past. A lot. Though not recently. No opportunity.
The only time his eyes lit up was when he spoke of his weekly gigs as a DJ (something his girlfriend had never gone to): It sounded like his attempt to hold on to his youth while being torn in the opposite direction by the other forces in his life.
As dinner progressed, I couldn't help but wonder if I'd hook up with him. His face was still as attractive as always, his crooked nose adding to his charm, his blond hair waving in the wind. Unfortunately he had gained weight, and although his bulkier body would've been perfect had it been made of muscle, a lot of it was fat and the 6-pack was long gone.
If I had met him today, his belly would probably place him in the 'unlikely' category. But I knew him. I knew that his cock was of decent size (and uncut), that sex with him would feel good, that he'd really like that. Mixed in with a bit of sense of duty to our old fuck buddy status, nostalgia, and a desire to repay him for taking care of me while in Chicago, it all made a difference. I would probably hook up with him if the opportunity presented itself.
But with him living with his girlfriend and me staying with his conservative colleague, it wasn't clear that opportunity was going to present itself. Nothing was mentioned by either of us all night, and he dropped me off with no more than a friendly hug and plans to go clubbing a few nights later.
A few nights later, we went clubbing. His girlfriend wasn't joining us (she doesn't like to go to the city, right!), nor was my host/his colleague (she seemed almost as lame as the girlfriend, with a TV, a cat, a long-distance relationship, and no social life to speak of). So it was me, Nico, and Sonya, one of my colleagues who was traveling with me. Sonya is as sexually inexperienced and unadventurous as I am experienced and adventurous, yet she is totally awesome, knows all about my crazy lifestyle, and we totally adore each other. Having lived her whole life in small towns, Sonya rarely has a chance to go clubbing, so I was happy to bring her along.
Nico took us to "The Club" in Chicago, a place that was almost identical to all the cookie cutter clubs you find in NYC Meatpacking district - VIP sections, bottle service (though a bottle there cost only $200 as opposed to up to NYC's $800), crappy cheesy house music mixed in with even worse pop dance music, overpriced drinks, overdone women in skirts too short to leave anything to the imagination and heels too high to be comfortable to sit in, let alone dance. The only difference was the crowd appeared closer to current (as opposed to former) frat boys than I remember it being in NYC.
After a few drinks and a couple of hours of struggling to chat over and/or dance to the obnoxiously loud and bad music, we finally decided it was time to go. All three of us walked together to where Nico had parked the car, only a block away from where I was staying. Sensing that we might want some alone time at this point, Sonya continued on to the subway, leaving Nico and I on the street.
It was a 6-lane avenue, a major artery running through the city, connecting two central neighborhoods, but at 2 AM it was mostly deserted with only a few cars driving by intermittently. Without a word, Nico and I turned to each other and locked lips in a long, hungry, forceful kiss. We started making out right there on the sidewalk as if we had been waiting for this the whole night. As if it were now or never. The energy between us was very raw, electric.
He pushed me against the wall of the skyscraper lining the street, and our hands began roaming all over each other's bodies. I liked the bigger, bulkier Nico, he seemed stronger, more powerful. I unbuttoned his pants and reached inside. He was rock hard. There were no pedestrians in sight, so I took his cock out and kneeled in front of him. I gently licked the tip of cock, still mostly covered by his foreskin, teasing him. I then pulled the skin back and wrapped my lips around it, slowly sliding them down until they were touching the base.
And then he pushed me off of him - I wasn't sure if it was an attempt to delay an instant orgasm or because, as he said, we'd get arrested for indecent exposure.
Our choices were limited. We couldn't go back to his or my place, leaving the car as the obvious solution. We got in the back seat, pushed the front seats all the way up, and realized it was actually quite comfy. I pulled his pants down and buried my face in his crotch, sucking, licking, lapping away happily. Except that he couldn't take it for very long. He was on the verge of cumming from the moment my lips touched the head of his cock.
"Slow down, slow down," he said as he pushed my head away. "I don't get blowjobs, you know."
"What?!" I wasn't sure I understood him correctly.
"I don't get blowjobs," he repeated. "I used to, but not anymore."
The confusion and disbelief torturing my brain at that moment must have been very obvious, because he continued. "Not all women are as sex crazy as you, Z. And not all men are as lucky as Ace."
I am always shocked to find out that guys who love blowjobs will date/marry women who won't give them blowjobs (check out this post by Off Go the Panties), but that was not the time or place for that conversation.
Instead, I asked Nico if fucking would make him last longer - since that's less novel than a blowjob. He seemed optimistic about the idea, so I got a condom out of my bag, rolled it onto him, and straddled him. His hard cock felt good inside me, but I didn't get a chance to enjoy it for very long.
Fucking did not make him last any longer. He hadn't been with anyone else in almost a year. And novelty is powerful. He came almost instantly.
He apologized profusely, but I wasn't worried, I was certain he would get hard again. So we just stayed in the back seat, half naked, chatting. The windows were all fogged up by then and we were unaware of anyone out there save the sound of the infrequently passing cars. We talked about his less than satisfying sex life. About my almost overwhelmingly satisfying sex life. I thought about the last time I had sex in a car. It must have been about four years ago, in the parking lot of my favorite restaurant in Unitown, in broad daylight one early Sunday afternoon, when Ace and I were still just casual fuck buddies.
The whole time, he was absentmindedly playing with my clit, keeping me mildly aroused. This, together with our sexy conversation soon breathed life into Nico's member. When I caught a glimpse of his budding erection, I stopped talking, and just slid down between his legs. I went more slowly and gently this time. I licked and sucked and deepthroated with delight, but taking breaks, not letting him get close to an orgasm. I took the rest of our clothes off, got another condom, and lowered myself onto his firm, eager dick. I was again facing him, but instead of getting really close, I sprawled back onto the front seat creating some space between us, so I could see his handsome face enjoying our teenage car fuck.
At that point I was so aroused that I came quickly but I kept quiet, trying to not trigger another orgasm in him right away. He owed me one. Although the steam on the windows was shielding us away from being gawked at by curious eyes in the dark street outside, the exhibitionist in me was wide awake. I couldn't help but think we could be found out any minute, by any suspecting or unsuspecting passerby, by a cop even. If it were a cop, I thought, I'd offer him a blowjob to keep us out of trouble. He surely couldn't resist that, right? Those thoughts, together with the constant sliding of Nico's hard cock in and out of me, the sense of fullness, my fingers pressing on my clit... My second orgasm started to build  and this time I wasn't holding anything back. I moaned and writhed, my cunt muscles squeezing his cock as I climaxed.
As soon as my orgasm subsided, I felt Nico was about to cum. I whispered to him that I wanted him to cum in my mouth. It was my way of saying 'thank you' for taking care of me here. I got off him and made love to his cock with my mouth until he exploded in my throat, ecstatic. I gripped his cock hard and sucked him dry.
It was really late and I was giving a talk the next day. We quickly said our goodbyes and I walked the two blocks to my apartment building. Nico was leaving town the next day and he wouldn't be back before I left Chicago. It might be years until I see him again...
Pervertically Virtuous | October 20, 2013 at 10:31 am | 
In the process of recovering my own old posts via email I discovered some of P.V.'s. Like me, her old accounts have been terminated, and she seems to have disappeared from the internet. This is a damn shame since I consider her one of the best sex bloggers I've ever had the chance to read and follow. I'm reposting her old posts as a historical archive, and if she ever returns to blogging I'm happy to hand them back to her.
To be clear: the copyright on this work is hers, and remains with her - I didn't write it and I make no claim to it.

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OPP: “Naughty Girl!”

OPP is the label I give posts that are not my own. Some of them are posts with comments/input from me added i.e. my take on what they've written. Others are 'just' excerpts on what someone had written that resonated with me, usually because I found their post hot as hell. I will only give you part of the post, but with a link back to the complete original post by the original author. It's a tease designed to drive you over to them.

With “Naughty girl!” I found myself in a quandary. The story is just so damned hot IMO it seemed wrong to just give you an excerpt so I'm lifting the whole damned thing. Please check out her Tumblr blog because Nina is a great writer. This wasn't the first of her stories and poems that aroused me, but I chose it because my wife often tells me she's a naughty girl when she talks dirty.

“Naughty Girl!” 
He’d laughed as he said it; I’d knocked over part of the window display. It was a joke on his part. A throwaway comment, but it tipped my first domino and I actually gasped.

“Oh you like that do you?” He said it in a low flirting voice as he came nearer to assess the damage. Behind me. Not touching, but close enough to feel uncomfortable.

He continued in a hushed teasing voice although we were alone in the shop. “And who is it you’re a naughty girl for?”

I blushed as a reply then felt his breath on my ear. “Is it Sir?” A finger touched my arm as he questioned further.
“Daddy maybe?”

And I shivered.
Turned to him so he could see it in my eyes. His arm moved then, I thought to touch me more but it reached out. Turned the sign on the door before his attention was on me.

“What does Daddy do to his naughty girl?” The ticking of the clock seemed slower. A thickness then to the air. I felt a need to gulp it into my lungs.

Another need building inside darkened my eyes. Sent shockwaves of delight over my flesh.

I couldn’t speak.

He stroked my cheek.

“Does Daddy not let his naughty girl talk?” I licked my bottom lip, preparing for words that just wouldn’t come out.

His face was against mine. Like we were about to kiss, bristles on his cheek almost scraping me.

“Does Daddy take your little panties down?” I managed a nod, as his hand slowly lifted my dress, then fingers pressed gently against me.

He tugged them, let them drop to the floor. I forgot the unlocked door, the fact that we were on view to the street.
His finger felt me. Slowly easing along my slit as my pussy melted. The movement spreading my delight over my lips.

“Oh! I can feel what a naughty girl you are.”

He lifted his hand. Fed me from his fingers then flicked the lock on the door.

His hand went to his fly. Paused. Before leading me behind the counter. Cashing up sheets and piles of coins scattered across it.

“Look what your naughtiness has done to me!” He revealed a slightly curved slim prick. “Kiss me?”

And I dropped to my knees and kissed. Chastely to start. Before letting my tongue enjoy him. He held onto the till, rocking into my mouth as he moaned. 
Then withdrew. Which surprised, and prompted disappointment. But he said with some urgency “I need to see you!!” And then lifted me onto the counter.

My cunt was dripping. The thrill of the words, the encounter, the sad fact it had been a while. “Touch for me?” And I did. As he watched, his prick bobbed as if giving a slow nod of approval.

“Daddy needs to fuck you.” Made me gulp back excitement and he bent me over the counter, till to my side. Then fed his prick between my legs.

Outside the world carried on as normal as we fucked. Almost there. Then slowing to prolong.

His cock was buried deep inside me as a customer came to the window. He pressed my clit then and I began to gasp out an orgasm. I trembled and hung my head as it took over, causing a shocked face outside as she pushed unsuccessfully at the locked door.

It was no secret why the shop had shut early as I lifted my head to her and involuntarily panted out “I’m coming!” They were the first words I’d ever spoke to him. They weren’t the last.

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It must be #wickedwednesday 😈

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When you're just in the mood to... do something... #nasty ... #filthy ... it must be #wickedwednesday 😈

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TMI Tuesday: October 17, 2017 ~

I am waiting for today's TMI questions. In the meantime:

This image was selected randomly, before the questions were even posted. I wonder if it's relevant?
I do enjoy a woman in corset though. Sadly I haven't seen any IRL since my early twenties (aside from Burlesque shows).
I guess corsets are just a phase most women go through ("I am a wanton Sex Goddess") unless they discover their kinky side... 

Okay, maybe there's no TMI Tuesday this week. But you still get a bonus. Here's a review of the We-vibe Verge that I talked about in yesterday's post:

Double Bonus: Did you read One night in ... Zurich? How about Sex & The Blue Pill? You could read One night in ... Amsterdam but all the sex happens in One Night In... Amsterdam (Part 2)! And despite the long intro there is indeed sex in yesterday's post Daddy's Home!!


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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Daddy's Home

Ha! Never in a million years would my wife call me 'Daddy'. I tried incorporating it once in some dirty talk during sex and she reacted very negatively. "Ugh, don't say that, you're not my father"she said, as the sexy mood was totally shattered. That was a few years back, and I've never said it since.

But I am home, after a four week vacation in Europe...

Which was a week longer than my wife, who came home after three weeks due to BNG commitments.  Originally we were both going for four weeks but she had to come back early so I decided to stay on as planned. Not that we'd really planned anything. Our vacation ended in Amsterdam (see One night in ... Amsterdam Part 2) so I figured I'd stay on a few days and avail myself of the legal sex workers since my wife wasn't (at that time) giving me any. That was my original plan, before we even left the house.

That plan was thwarted for two reasons: [1] after a slow start my wife got quite horny on vacation (see herehere and here) and [2] I was completely unable to shake off the persistent cough and cold I was suffering from. This (and the medication) created issues with my sexual performance so I was loathe to spend money on sex workers and then fail to get 'full value' out of it. Which was a shame, since I thought I'd explore a few fantasies. Another day perhaps?

Anyway, the point of this post is that I came home and was keen for Round 2 with The Verge sex toy since it had been a week since Round 1. My wife said I was sick and needed rest, not sex. That was Saturday, when I got home. On Sunday morning I had returned to my original idea. I was supposed to collect our daughter from her sleepover in half an hour (she'd just summoned me without warning, via text, you know how it is) but instead I jumped in the shower.

"Why are you having a shower?" asked my wife, who expects me to drop everything when my daughter texts us.

"Because I want to have sex with you, and try that vibrating cock ring thing again" I said, as I closed the shower door behind me.

"What?" said my wife incredulously.

"You heard me" I said, through a crack in the shower door "it's in the drawer with my underpants, go get it and get ready." And then I continued showering.

After I was dried off I wandered into the bedroom. My wife was in bed, sitting up, but holding the toy. I could tell by the way she was turning it in her hand that she was just as keen for round 2 as I was. Besides, she was naked, so that was a giveaway. I told her that we'd used it wrong the first time, and that I was supposed to thread my cock and balls through the hole, not just hang it over my cock and have the flat part sit on my balls. She asked me how I knew and I told her I watched an instructional video (see above).

We tried doing it 'the right way' but again there was no way my balls were going to fit inside the ring as well as my cock. So we put it on the way we'd used it last time and I asked my wife to blow me. Which she did, after we'd switched on the vibrator part. Once again, it felt really good. My wife alternated between jerking me off and blowing me, and was resistant to my efforts to have her sit on my face as she did so. Possibly because she hadn't showered? That didn't phase me!

Finally she swung around and I was able to eat her out as she did the same to me. Her pussy was wet and aroused; she tasted great. I grabbed her butt cheeks with both hands and 'locked' her into position. She wriggled and squirmed as my tongue circled her labia repeatedly before homing in on her clit. She moaned and writhed and cried out as she came, at which point I released her from my iron grip. She collapsed on the bed beside me as my dick stood erect and the toy continued to vibrate.

I could see how it would work for solo play.

I asked my wife if she wanted me to finish or whether she wanted to climb on top. "Hell no" she said, and pulled herself up to get on top of me. She removed the ring and then put it back on, but this time with the curved triangle pointed up. She straddled me in the Cowgirl position, so that the curved part was now pressed against her pussy and clit. She started to rock back and forward, pulling the curved triangle into her, and did this for a while until she decided she preferred the Reverse Cowgirl position. She swiveled both herself and the toy around my cock, and resumed her movement.

It wasn't long before she was bouncing up and down on my cock, holding the toy to her clit, and moaning with pleasure. It felt good for me too, but most of the vibrations were being soaked up by her - the triangle was pointed up, not resting on my balls - so it wasn't as good (for me) as last time. Finally I pushed her up and held her there with one hand as I adjusted the speed of the vibe. I cranked it up a notch and then we were both in business - the cock ring vibrated strongly around my cock and ... vibrated even more strongly against my wife's clit.

She went nuts.

She was like a banshee, bouncing and moaning and thrusting and impaling herself on my dick for all she was worth. When she couldn't take it anymore she dropped down on the mattress and (like last time) started thrusting back and forward on my dick. On my vibrating cock. She was so aroused she was wet and slick and starting to cream all over my thick rod. I don't see that that often, so I knew she was ultra excited. I pulled out and crawled up behind her. She was almost in the doggy position already so I rearranged her slightly and then slid my cock back into her tight wet hole.

"Oh yes," she hissed "fuck me, fuck me hard"

I had no problem with that instruction so I grabbed her hips and immediately started thrusting. Hard.

In switching to the doggy position I'd rotated the toy, which meant the curved part was pressed against my balls. I pounded my wife repeatedly and enjoyed the sensation of my vibrating balls pressed her against her cunt. Then I decided to up the ante. I stopped thrusting, withdrew, took the ring off, turned it around, and then put it back on, but this time with the curved part pointing up. This meant that when I entered her again the curved part was rubbing against her pussy and clit. I was worried it might be a bit rough for her but she moaned as I slid back inside and she groaned as I started thrusting.

She was urging me on, to fuck her harder and faster, so I guess the combination of my dick in her pussy and the vibe on her clit must have been right. My thrusting intensified and suddenly out of nowhere she cried out "spank me, spank my ass!"  I can't recall the last time she asked for that but I complied nonetheless. I swatted her butt cheeks with my open hands and gave each a good thwack. I couldn't tell if she was cumming or just in the throes of some orgasmic tidal wave but she was moaning and groaning like she was in ecstasy.

"I'm going to cum" I warned her.

"Yes yes!" she hissed, as she thrust back harder against me "cum in me, cum in me now"

I paused momentarily to pull out and reposition the toy. Call me selfish but I put it back with the curved part pressed against my balls. I reentered my wife and started her pounding her pussy anew. I was banging her hard and then I felt it. The eruption in my balls as a weeks worth of jism exploded from within me and flooded deep inside her cunt. I gripped her hips and held her there as my orgasm continued. My cock pulsed and my balls ... well, that vibrator is worth every Euro I spent on it, let me tell you!

I pulled out and the ring stayed wedged between my wife's inner thighs. It was a weird thing to see since it held her pussy open, similar to those porn shots with a speculum. I don't find those images very erotic but seeing my wife like that it was. I could see inside her red and swollen pussy and she was absolutely filled with sperm. There was something quite hedonistic about it and the Caveman within me felt very satisfied.

As was my wife. She lay there, flat on her back, her hands outstretched, unable to move. All she could manage was "oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god..."

A few minutes later, when I was dressed and ready to go fetch our daughter I found her just as I'd left her. She hadn't moved and still wasn't talking. I kissed her good bye and all she said was 'gahhhh!'

Hopefully she remembers that feeling next time I suggest we have sex!


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Beyonce Dancing Sexy Just For You...

Beyonce dancing sexy just for you...

And since you're here, you might as well watch this one too. It's kinda chaotic...

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